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The Supervisory Board member resigns after only five days

The Supervisory Board member resigns after only five days

Entrepreneur Karin Exner-Furer has reportedly announced that she will step down from her position in a few days.

Members of Signa's new supervisory board were elected just five days ago, but now everything looks different again. Or at least an attitude. This is what he mentions shortening Monday evening. Accordingly, no Businessman Karen Exner-Furer (Salzburger Aluminum AG) actually fell again. Exner-Führer is said to have informed the CEOs and restructuring managers of the two companies (Prime and Development) that she would resign from her position as a member of Prime's supervisory board.

She will resign from her position four weeks after receiving the letter from the companies. This is how he reports it shortening With reference to those involved. There was no comment from Prime itself when asked, and Exner-Wöhrer also kept a low profile. According to the report, various agreements were not adhered to. There are also said to be doubts about the remuneration of board members.

The supervisory board of Signa Prime was reduced from eight to five people last Wednesday. They are placed on the Supervisory Board of Signa Prime Michael Mitterdorfer And Karen Exner-Furer Beside Sebastian Schiffer to choose. From 2003 to 2023, Schäfer, a lawyer, worked at the Credit Suisse Group in Zurich, London and Frankfurt, among others, as a restructuring specialist. Since January 2024, he has been working at Kühne Holding AG led by logistics billionaire Klaus-Michael Kühne, and is one of the major shareholders of Signa Prime.

As well as retention Michael Seifert From investor Madison International Realty and German manager RAG Jürgen Johan Rupp. With the announcement of Exner-Furer's departure, this circle has shrunk to four people.

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