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The Taliban in Afghanistan presents their government team

The Taliban in Afghanistan presents their government team

Less than three weeks after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, a radical Islamist government is taking shape. Taliban circles said on Friday that Mullah Baradar, head of the Taliban’s political bureau, would head the government in Kabul. Three people familiar with the events of the Reuters news agency said that Mullah Muhammad Yaqoub, the son of the late Taliban founder Mullah Omar, will occupy a high-ranking position in the government.

The presentation of the Taliban government was expected on Friday. On Thursday, Taliban representatives announced that a ceremony was being prepared for this at the presidential palace in Kabul.

The economy is about to collapse

In the face of impending economic collapse, the Taliban need international donors to legitimize leadership. The United States and the European Union have formally acknowledged the government’s reliance on Islamists to follow through on their declarations to protect human rights through action.

With the formation of the government, there is increasing pressure on the West to decide whether to recognize the Taliban government.

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