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The temperature could rise by four degrees in France by the year 2100

The temperature could rise by four degrees in France by the year 2100

According to estimates by the National Council for Ecological Transition, the climate in France is likely to warm by one degree more than the global average by the end of the century.

According to experts, France should prepare for a global warming of four degrees by the end of the century. This is the conclusion reached by the National Council for the Ecological Transition (CNTE), as reported by the newspaper “Le Figaro” on Friday. The council, in which politicians, regional representatives and NGOs work together, has come to the same assessment that Environment Minister Christophe Picchu recently underwent.

An average global warming of three degrees is projected by the year 2100. But for France itself, an increase of four degrees is accounted for, albeit not for the whole country. The Minister of the Environment stressed that it is not about abandoning ambitious climate goals, but rather about facing reality. France is preparing its third National Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change (PNACC). By the end of May, the minister also wants to present a plan to deal with heat waves with dozens of measures, Le Figaro reports.

direct impact of climate change

Radio station RTL has modeled the changes a four-degree increase in temperature will bring to France. Entire neighborhoods of Calais and Dunkirk on the English Channel would be regularly flooded and no longer inhabitable, heat waves would be three times more common in Paris than before and cows would not be kept in pastures because so little grass would grow there. Winter sports will only be possible from an altitude of 1,600 metres.

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With drought and severe water shortages, Béchu announced on Friday on RTL that it would ban the sale of above-ground swimming pools in the Pyrenees Orientales province in the south of the country. The state of nature dictates it, climate change is happening now and the consequences are immediately observable.