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The train drivers' strike continues in Germany

The train drivers' strike continues in Germany

Train drivers want to stop working for 24 hours starting Tuesday morning.

Train traffic to and from Germany will again be significantly affected from the early hours of Tuesday morning. The reason for this is another strike in the collective bargaining dispute at Deutsche Bahn, which also affects ÖBB traffic. ÖBB recommends postponing travel to, from and through Germany. Information is available via Scotty Schedule Information. Deutsche Bahn's attempt to avoid the strike by filing an urgent application to the court failed.

All ÖBB Railjet flights between Vienna and Munich have been cancelled. Trains are operated by mostly private Westbahn. In view of the planned construction works at Deutsches Eck, ÖBB internal Austrian train traffic between Salzburg and Tyrol will run according to the construction site timetable or will be rerouted via Zell am See. Rail planes to Bregenz travel as planned via Deutsche Eck and those to Zurich via Zell am See.

Switch to Bavarian Regiobahn trains

Trains temporarily rerouted via Passau to Munich due to the construction site schedule will instead be routed to Salzburg to ensure a connection to the Bavarian Regiobahn (BRB). Travelers can switch to hourly trains on the Bavarian Regibus Line (BRB) between Salzburg and Munich as well as Kufstein and Munich, where ÖBB tickets are recognized, Austrian Federal Railways announced on Monday.

Railjet flights between Vienna and Munich have been completely cancelled. “Due to the timetable difference due to construction work and the short-term nature of the strike, it is not possible to run individual trains between Salzburg and Munich,” the ÖBB party wrote on Monday afternoon, referring to the sixth strike over a shorter period. Time period on railways in Germany.

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Other long-distance trains to Germany usually terminate at border stations. ICE connections start and end in Passau and Nuremberg respectively.

Evening trains are affected from tonight

Night trains will be affected by strike action starting overnight (March 11-12). There will be failure and partial failure.

The Westbahn, which also includes French state railway company SNFC as part owner, runs five times a week from Vienna via Salzburg to Munich and back. Each train has about 500 seats. Since she drives with the train drivers, there shouldn't be any problems due to the GDL strike. For ÖBB trains, locomotive drivers are changed at border stations. Due to the strike, there is no German transfer fee for continuing the journey.

The strike in Germany's freight transport sector began today, Monday, at 6:00 pm and will also lead to restrictions. According to the statement, ÖBB Rail Cargo is trying to minimize the impact on transportation by coordinating with partners and customers. Cargo traffic is expected to fully resume on March 12 at 6:00 p.m.

The GDL union announced that there are far-reaching restrictions in Germany on long-distance, regional and freight transport. On Monday afternoon, Deutsche Bahn tried to avert a train drivers' strike by filing an urgent application with the court. But the court rejected Deutsche Bahn's request in the evening.