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The transfer of Sabitzer caused great ridicule in England

The transfer of Sabitzer caused great ridicule in England

Marcel Sabitzer could not live up to the high expectations at Bayern Munich. He is now hoping for more playing time at Manchester United.Photo: dpa/Sven Hoppe

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Marcel Sabitzer’s Bundesliga career was marked by constant ups and downs: in Leipzig’s first season at the Oberhaus, he was runner-up (2017) and Sabitzer was crowned Austrian Footballer of the Year. The next season was marked by injuries (2018) before he really bounced back and even became the RB captain in 2020.

After a year he jumped to FC Bavaria Munich, where he fell short of expectations in his first season. Only in the first half of the current season he can Advantages over Leon Goretzka appear, but ultimately lose this comparison too.

Bayern are now loaning the 28-year-old to Manchester United until the end of the seasonMidfielder Christian Eriksen injured his ankle two days earlier. In light of Sabitzer’s Bundesliga career, experts in England are debating the newcomer’s potential.

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Paul Merson Calls Sabitzer a “Fourth Degree Panic Buying”

For former Arsenal pro Paul Merson, it’s clear: “On January 1, there was no interest [Sabitzer]On Sky Sports. Then Eriksen was injured, he recalled Now there is a panic and you get a fourth-rate Bayern playerThe England international has been sentenced 21 times.

Merson is sure that a player who sits on the bench at Bayern Munich cannot help United. “Sure, the two are in the midfield [Kimmich und Goretzka] She is a bank. But if Sabitzer was really good, he would pay,” Merson believes.

Rio Ferdinand is sure: “Bayern will not lose”

United legend Rio Ferdinand sees it very differently. “I am happy with this transition,” he explains on his YouTube channel, “Vibe with FIVE.” “If I had to sign Eriksen’s replacement on short notice, I would have Sabitzer too.”

April 9, 2022, Liverpool, UK: Liverpool, England, April 9, 2022. Former Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand poses for BT Sports before the Premier League match at Goodison Park, Liv ...

TV expert Rio Ferdinand expects a lot from Marcel Sabitzer.Photo: newscom/Darren Staples

Contrary to Merson’s skepticism, Ferdinand’s assessment is based not on the past year and a half, but on Sabitzer’s time with lawn ball sports. “I saw a lot of him when he was at Leipzig and he was playing exciting,” says Ferdinand. “He was instrumental in everything they did there.” So he is sure: “[Sabitzer] It would prove to be a stroke of luck for Manchester. You couldn’t choose better.

On this occasion, Ferdinand could not resist commenting on the criticisms of his experienced teammate Merson: “Bayern Munich never fails,” confirms the former centre-back. “vote for me [Mersons] remarks after a person [Sabitzer] I haven’t seen her play,” speculates the Englishman.

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