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The union increases to 31 percent, and the greens lose - the urine scale

The union increases to 31 percent, and the greens lose – the urine scale

Zemiak: Candidates need skills other than good surveys

In the struggle for the union parties’ nomination for the position of chancellor, CDU Secretary General Paul Zemiak rejected CDU President Marcus Söder’s reference to the polls of both opponents. This is much better for Sudhir himself than the president of the CDU, Armin Laschet. “Polls play a permanent role, of course, but not an exclusive role,” Ziemiak said Monday evening in the ZDF “Heute journal”. “It’s also about other skills if you later want to lead a government and keep a party together. Armin Laschet brings those skills with him.”

Zimiak answered yes to the question of whether Lachit could still catch up in the polls. “Because Armin Laschet has proven time and time again in the past that – because he sticks to his causes, because he is credible, and because he is curious, and a man with ideas – he always supports the Union, even in difficult election campaigns, he can lead the party to victory.”

Unlike Soder, like Lachette, his secretary general also urged quick action. This corresponds to comments he received from the CDU base, Zemiak said, referring to Söder’s new demand that the will of party members be taken into account. “It doesn’t depend on a day now, but it will be very fast,” he said. With the goal of supporting CDU leaders Monday to declare Lachette and Suder Sunday to be ready when the CDU is widely contacted, Zimiac said it would be “in light of today’s decision, including yesterday’s words.” .

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