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The United States announces a new $1 billion package for Ukraine

The United States announces a new $1 billion package for Ukraine

According to previous information, contracts will be awarded to American defense companies to build new equipment for Ukraine as part of the US financing program for Ukraine. This means that the delivery of weapons could take several months to years. Austin spoke at the conclusion of a virtual meeting of the US-led contact group on support for Ukraine.

The Minister of Defense stressed: “We will not falter,” referring to American support for Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia more than two years ago. Austin said that if Russian President Vladimir Putin wins, “the security consequences will be severe and global.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had previously insisted on the delivery of long-range missiles and anti-aircraft systems at the virtual meeting.

After months of internal political stalemate, the US Congress approved new aid worth about $61 billion to Kiev at the beginning of the week – paving the way for new weapons deliveries. New US aid commitments to Ukraine have been virtually halted for several months due to disagreements between Democrats and Republicans because previously approved aid has been exhausted.

US President Joe Biden announced an immediate new $1 billion military package on Wednesday, immediately after signing the law passed by Congress. This was primarily anti-aircraft equipment, artillery, missile systems and armored vehicles from the US Army inventory. This means that this equipment will be quickly delivered to Ukraine, where some of it is stored at US bases in Europe. The United States is considered the most important supporter of Ukraine.