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The United States has raised the refugee limit to 62,500

U.S.S Chairman Joe Biden Raises the upper limit for admission of refugees to 62,500 this year. The White House said Monday that the “historically low” ceiling of 15,000 refugees set by his predecessor Donald Trump’s government will be replaced. It “does not reflect the values ​​of the United States as a nation that welcomes and supports refugees.”

Biden had plans to significantly increase refugee intake in mid-April of the current budget year – thus raising harsh criticism from his own ranks. In the face of protests White House UN He said the upper limit for admission of refugees admitted as part of the resettlement scheme would be fixed later.

“We are working to repair the damage done in the last few years.”

Biden is now returning to the 62,500 mark Refugees He first targeted this year. The White House says it aims to take in 125,000 refugees next fiscal year.

Nevertheless, the White House said Monday: “It is a sad fact that we will not make 62,500 records this year.” The Trump administration is responsible for this: “We are working quickly to repair the damage that has been done over the past four years.”

Trump The number of refugees admitted into the country during the United Nations resettlement was gradually reduced from 15,000 in the last year of office. Under his predecessor Barack Obama, more than 100,000 refugees were admitted each year.

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