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The United States has said progress has been made in nuclear talks with Iran

Negotiators have apparently made progress in the fight to renew the international nuclear deal with Iran. As the US State Department spokesman said yesterday, tough questions remained unanswered. “There has been significant progress in the last week or two. We have clearly summarized the areas that need to be clarified, “he said.

The U.S. diplomat said he hoped the Iranian negotiator would return to the Vienna grounds in the coming days. The purpose of the negotiations is to return to the original 2015 agreement. This would remove sanctions against Iran, which would affect the country’s oil sales.

In response, Iran should limit its nuclear activities. In 2018, under then-President Donald Trump, the United States unilaterally broke the agreement and re-imposed sanctions. As a result, Iran no longer adheres to all the details of the agreement. The country has long refused to develop nuclear weapons, claiming that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.

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