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The United States has suffered more than $ 1 billion in damage since 2021

From Valentine Chatler
According to the US agency FTC, there have been 46,000 cryptocurrency-related fraud cases in the United States since 2021, and a huge overall loss. Bitcoin is often used as a means of payment.

In a recent report, the US FTC (Federal Trade Commission) cited several cases of fraud involving cryptocurrencies. As a result, there have been more than 46,000 frauds and more than $ 1 billion in damage in the United States since 2021. Cryptocurrency fraud accounts for a quarter of total damage in the United States. Significantly higher than any other payment method.

Mostly bitcoin and investment scams

On average, U.S. citizens lose $ 2,600 in each fraud case, and in most cases – 70 percent of cases – more than $ 2,600. Bitcoin To be replaced. The coin is in second place with ten percent Tether, And third place with nine percent Ether. Crypto transfers cannot be accurately tracked or altered, which is of particular interest to fraudsters.

According to the FTC, most of the victims fall for fraudulent investment offers, for example, purchased cryptocurrencies are not assigned to their own wallet but to someone else’s wallet. Love scams come in clear second place, followed by fake news from accused companies or government agencies.

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The FTC also provides interesting information about the age of the victims. According to the report, U.S. citizens between the ages of 20 and 49 are three times more likely to be affected than older people. The latter lose significantly more money on average: citizens in their seventies lose an average of $ 11,708, which is four times the overall average.

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Going forward, the crypto fraud problem will only get worse. According to the FTC, it was 33 million in 2019, 130 million in 2020 and 680 million in 2021. It also lost $ 329 million in the first quarter of 2022 alone. If similar figures come in the next three quarters, the damage will double each year.

Source: FTC Via கோலம்