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The United States is increasing fines for manufacturers

Automakers in the United States now have to dig deep into their pockets when selling the most thirsty models.

Fuel efficiency – US raises fines for manufacturers – US raises fines for automakers with more thirsty models

SP-X / Washington. The United States is increasing fines for automakers with more thirsty models. The tightening of the “CAFE” regulation, which has been in place since 1975, was previously suspended by the Trump administration. In decades. The new rules apply to vehicles from the model year 2019, with the amount increasing again from the model year 2022. They are expected to take effect by the end of spring.

NHTSA expects hundreds of millions of additional total fines per year. While huge sums may come from the General Motors and American Stellandis brands, Tesla is the winner of the development. The electric car maker is likely to continue to increase its revenue by selling pollution loans.

Unlike the EU regulation, the US variant is not based on CO2 emissions, but directly on fuel consumption, measured in gallons per gallon (approximately 3.79 liters) in the USA. It now costs $ 14 for every tenth mile deviation from the limit, instead of the previous $ 5.50 fine for a model. Its value will rise to $ 15 next year.

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