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The United States suspects Kiev of being behind the drone incident in Moscow

According to a report, the US believes that Ukraine’s military or intelligence special forces may have been responsible for the drone incident at the Kremlin compound in Moscow. The New York Times reported yesterday, citing unnamed US government sources, that US intelligence did not know which group carried out the attack. It is also unclear whether Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky or his top officials were aware of the move.

A “low” level of certainty

According to the newspaper report, the U.S. Secret Service arrived at their initial assessment through intercepted messages. However, there is only a “low” degree of certainty. The main reason for this is that US intelligence still lacks concrete evidence of which government officials, Ukrainian units or agents were involved. In intercepted messages, representatives of Ukraine said, among other things, that they believed their country was responsible for the attack.

In early May, Russia announced that two drones flying toward the Kremlin compound had crashed. Moscow accused Kiev of attempting to attack Russian President Vladimir Putin and threatened countermeasures. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov blamed the attack on the United States. Kyiv and Washington have denied any involvement in the incident.

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