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The United States - Texas builds its border wall with Mexico

The United States – Texas builds its border wall with Mexico

Texas has begun building its own “wall” of massive steel bars on the border with Mexico. “Texas is taking an unprecedented step for a nation to protect the sovereignty of the United States and our state,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Saturday. Speaking in front of a crane and steel bars in Rio Grande, he said such a wall was necessary because US President Joe Biden’s government “didn’t do its job.”

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Migrants must be deterred

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The governor, who is said to have ambitions for the White House himself, denounced the “fatal consequences” of Biden’s border policy. “This border wall that you see behind us is a replica of the border wall that President Trump built – same material, same concept,” he added, referring to Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump.

Trump has made building a wall along the US-Mexico border one of the most important projects of his tenure. More than 700 kilometers of the border were secured, with the “wall” being used primarily to replace existing barriers. When Biden took office in January of this year, work stalled. The Democratic president has been criticized from many quarters for his handling of illegal immigration: some still find his policies too harsh, and others are calling for tougher action.

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