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The US Army asks for help in finding a hidden fighter plane…

The US Army asks for help in finding a hidden fighter plane…

The F-35, priced between $80 million and $100 million, disappeared on Sunday. The Republican congresswoman even makes fun of it.

The US Army has asked for the public’s help in finding an F-35 fighter jet. The plane disappeared on Sunday after the pilot escaped using the ejection seat due to a “malfunction.” He was treated in hospital. The Army is now searching for the plane near Charleston, South Carolina. Joint Base Charleston wrote Monday that troops were deployed in the air and on the ground.

The F-35 stealth aircraft of the American defense company Lockheed Martin is considered one of the most modern fighter aircraft in the world. The missing plane is an F-35B, which is a vertical take-off plane that covers shorter distances. Stealth aircraft like the F-35 have special engineering. Their surfaces are arranged at special angles so as not to reflect the signal. Conventional high-frequency radar receives very little echo.

According to various reports, the cost of the missing fighter jet is currently between 80 and 100 million US dollars (about 75 to 96 million euros). In the United States, the research caused ridicule. “The US Army is missing the F-35. “If you find one, it could be their plane.” “We knew the F-35 was stealth, but this is ridiculous,” South Carolina Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace wrote on Twitter (X). (APA/dpa)

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