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The US had a Ukrainian plan to attack Nord Stream

The US had a Ukrainian plan to attack Nord Stream

According to a media report, the US had described Ukrainian plans to attack gas pipelines three months before the attack on Nord Stream pipelines. The details of the project were compiled by the European Secret Service and handed over to the US CIA in June 2022, the “Washington Post” reported on Tuesday, citing leaked information about Discord.

The original report was based on information from someone in Ukraine. Accordingly, the Ukrainian military is reportedly planning an attack with a small group of divers. He was suspended for unknown reasons. However, its elements match the results of previous investigations. Statements from Ukraine, Russia, the CIA and the US were not initially available on the report.

Bruno Gall, the head of the German Federal Intelligence Service, dampened hopes for a quick clarification in May, saying there were signs “in all directions”. Various media have previously reported that several new tracks lead in the direction of Ukraine.

Russia pumped natural gas from Siberia to Germany and other European countries through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline until supply was cut off. Nord Stream 2 was not commissioned due to the Russian attack on Ukraine. Both twin tubes were damaged by explosions in September 2022.

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