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The US hopes to weaken the ground offensive in Gaza

The US hopes to weaken the ground offensive in Gaza

The US government expects a shift from “high-intensity” ground attacks in the Gaza Strip to “more targeted” military operations after talks with the Israeli leadership. A senior US government official said yesterday in Tel Aviv that there is no expectation that a major destruction operation will remain on the ground indefinitely.

The aim is for Israel to focus more closely on specific targets and military infrastructure in the future. He spoke of meetings in Israel with US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan – including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This change was a topic among them.

Report: The US has reportedly called for a halt to the ground offensive

However, a US government official did not provide a timeline for the transition. “It’s not really about the time frame, but about the conditions that have been set, and the Israelis have explained to us in great detail the phases of their overall campaign,” he said.

The New York Times previously reported that Washington had called on Israel to end its ground offensive in Gaza by the end of the year. The government official did not specifically address the report, but said “there are some reports about the timeline that I have to say are not entirely accurate.”

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