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The US Supreme Court is scheduled to hear Trump's immunity in April

The US Supreme Court is scheduled to hear Trump's immunity in April

Trump was charged in Washington, D.C., in connection with attempting to rig the election. A hearing on his appeal is scheduled for April 22. Meanwhile, Trump's 81-year-old rival, US President Joe Biden, was declared “ready for duty” after his annual health check.

The US Supreme Court has accepted Donald Trump's appeal on the issue of the former president's immunity from prosecution. The Supreme Court announced that there will be a hearing on the matter from April 22. This step makes it unclear whether and when the trial of the former president on charges of attempting to rig the elections could begin in Washington. The decision is a victory for Trump as he tries to delay the possible start of the trial.

Trump was charged in Washington, D.C., in connection with attempting to rig the election. Trump supporters storm the Capitol building in Washington on January 6, 2021. Congress met there to formally affirm Democrat Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election. Trump had previously incited it during a speech. The riots resulted in the deaths of five people. Before the storming of the Capitol, Trump had already tried at various levels to overturn the election results. He still does not admit his defeat to Biden and wants to return to the White House after the presidential elections in November.

Trump and his lawyers want the charges dropped. They cite Trump's immunity from his office as president at the time. He cannot be legally prosecuted for actions that were part of his duties as president. They recently failed in that argument before the D.C. Court of Appeals at the beginning of February. This ruled that the 77-year-old Republican could be criminally prosecuted for his actions in office. Trump has taken legal action against this decision in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has now announced that it will consider “whether the former president enjoys immunity from criminal prosecution for conduct alleged to be in connection with official acts during his term in office.”

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Trump threatens to rule out the Illinois primary

The Supreme Court is currently dealing with another case involving Trump. The question is whether the Republican can continue to participate in the primaries or even be eliminated as president. The judges were somewhat skeptical – a decision in favor of Trump was noted at the hearing. It is unclear when the ruling will come. Trump had previously appealed to the court to overturn a ruling from the state of Colorado barring him from running in the 2021 primary elections due to his role in the 2021 attack on the US Capitol.

This issue became moot thanks to the decision made by an Illinois judge on Wednesday. For the same reason, Trump excluded this US state from the primaries on March 19 and the elections on November 5. However, in light of Trump's expected appeal, the decision has been temporarily suspended, and his campaign team has already announced legal remedies.

There was bad news for Trump from New York: At his fraud trial, the judge denied a request to suspend the requested $454 million security deposit for the duration of the appeal. Instead, Trump's lawyers proposed $100 million. However, the former president granted Singh, on the other hand, a suspension of parts of the ruling that prevent him from engaging in certain business activities in the US state of New York.

Biden 'remains fit for duty'

The opposition side is still in power. US President Joe Biden's doctor announced that he is “ready for duty” after his annual health examination. His doctor, Dr., said Kevin O'Connor on Wednesday after being examined at a military hospital in suburban Maryland. “He remains fit for duty and performs all his duties to the fullest extent without exception or dilution.”

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The 81-year-old underwent a root canal last year and is being treated for sleep apnea but is otherwise healthy. Biden trains five days a week. The president still suffers from a stiff gait, but it has not worsened since last year, and he suffers from “peripheral neuropathy” in both feet, gastroesophageal reflux, allergies, and arthritis in his spine, which are treated with medications.

The president's health is under special scrutiny this year as he becomes the oldest president in US history to run for re-election. Biden and former Republican President Donald Trump (77 years old) have exchanged accusations of mental deterioration before the possible runoff elections on November 5. Trump's recent rival for the Republican nomination, Nikki Haley, 52, said the two men are too old to enter the White House and should undergo cognitive tests. White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said the president has not undergone any cognitive tests and does not need any.


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