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The victory of the DEB team against Canada continues

The victory of the DEB team against Canada continues

The German national team scored a historic victory in the FIFA World Cup for Ice Hockey. After his perfect start to the tournament With two victories in 22 hours National coach Tony Soderholm’s 26-time world champion team also defeated Canada 3: 1 (2: 1, 0: 0, 1: 0) and celebrated their first World Cup victory on ice hockey ground in 25 years.

With increased combat above all compared to that 9: 4 against Italy And the 5-1 against Norway The selection of the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB) confirmed his medal ambitions in Riga. With another hit on Wednesday (3:15 PM, TV Sport1) against newly promoted Kazakhstan, the Group B leaders can already make the quarter-finals perfect.

Mannheim player Stefan Loebel (11) and Matthias Plachta (12) as well as their future club teammate Corbinian Holzer (58) scored for only the third victory in the 39th World Cup duel for the selection of DEB, with young star Lucas Rachel. You don’t play a role like in the first two matches. Nick Paul (19) scored goals for the world number one who improved a lot, and who had previously lost to Latvia (0: 2) and the USA (1: 5). In addition to the Canadians, the Swedish filters, Finland and Russia have already fallen behind the supposed juniors.

Canada with the youngest team in the World Cup

During the last German World Cup victory against Canada in Vienna in 1996, Lucas Reichsil’s father Martin, Leon Dresitel’s father Peter, and goal scorer Dieter Hegen stood on the ice. Good Omen: On its way to an exciting Olympic silver medal in 2018, DEB defeated the Canadians 4-3 in the semifinals.

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Defender Moritz Sider said confidently: “We want to win the match, there is no doubt that the Latvian team showed that, and now it’s our turn.” In the last duel two years ago, there was an 8–1 defeat. At the time, however, there were still many of the best NHL players, and this time Canada had the smallest team in the World Cup.

The Canadians, who scored their first goal only in the 111th minute, started angrily in their stomachs and pressed the German goal. Matthias Niederberger confidently acted as usual and destroyed the opportunities.

However, the goals fell on the other side: Loibl’s main goal after a vigorous preparatory work by two-time Stanley Cup champion Tom Kunkle followed him after just 38 seconds with a 2–0 deflected shot by Plachta, his third goal in the tournament. Canada coach Gerard Gallant took a break to hire his team. Even before the first third siren, Paul hit the ground running.

The match was now more difficult, with the Germans surviving two minutes twice in the second half, 3: 5 fewer numbers with great fighting effort. “It’s unbelievable how everyone throws themselves into shots,” said Loibl of Sport1. The pressure from the Canadians increased, but the Niederberger was always the end of the streak. Holzer then pushed the ball into the empty Canadian goal.