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The Voyager 1 space probe presents mysterious data

The Voyager 1 space probe presents mysterious data

NASAEngineers investigation “Anomalous telemetry data”Coming from the spaceship Voyager 1 send.

The probe is working and can also receive and carry out commands from the ground, but this Expression of Attitude and Control System (AACS)which helps align the probe’s antenna with the ground, and does not currently reflect what’s actually happening on board, according to one A call from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory . It appears as if the data is randomly generated, in any case it does not reflect any possible state of the system

Although the data indicates otherwise, the antenna still appears to be properly aligned, NASA engineers said, and the data transmission signal is still strong. So it is not necessary to switch to Safe Mode.

Signal takes more than 20 hours

According to NASA engineers, Voyager currently exists 23.3 billion km off the ground. The data is transmitted between the probe and the ground 20 hours 33 minutes Claim. Therefore, for the message to be sent and the reply back, it takes about two days, according to the engineers.

Voyager mission

In any case, the signal will continue to be closely monitored to determine whether the “anomalous data” is coming from the AACS itself or from another system involved in generating and transmitting the telemetry data. If the problem cannot be found, there is also the possibility of using backup systems, becoming the NASA engineer in charge of the Voyager investigations Susan Dowd Quoted.


Such problems are not unusual at the current stage of the Voyager mission. probe approx 45 years in space and in interstellar spacewhere there is high radiation and has not been crossed by any spacecraft.

Voyager sensors, 1977 They have been launched into space and interstellar space exploration has already exceeded the life span predicted by NASA. So far, according to NASA, no scientific instruments have been decommissioned. The US space agency assumes it will, at least until 2025 The data will be submitted.