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The world’s youngest astronomer: an eight-year-old Brazilian who works for NASA

Brazilian Nicole Oliveira was fascinated by the night sky even when she was a little girl; Today, she works for the US space agency, NASA. And that’s only eight years old.

She also has big plans for the future: One day, as an aeronautical engineer, you’ll want to make rockets.

Elon Musk cardboard screen mockup (width)

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After Pluto has not been considered a planet for a long time, our solar system consists only of eight celestial bodies. However, researchers have for years assumed that there may still be a ninth planet. NASA has now found significant evidence.

On the outer edge of the solar system: NASA discovers evidence of Planet Nine

While filming a documentary, an Australian television photographer wanted to capture particularly impressive close-up shots of a crocodile with his drone. Dane Hirst succeeded, too – but a little differently than he had imagined.

Photographers shoot crocodiles with a drone – they get very close to reptiles

Exciting archaeological discovery in Austria. In Ebreichsdorf, south of Vienna, a prehistoric settlement from the Bronze Age was discovered during the construction of the track and almost its entire extension was revealed.

An exciting discovery in Austria: the discovery of a 3000-year-old golden treasure

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