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There is a big difference between the caliphs and the founders

There is a big difference between the caliphs and the founders


“I am the first person in my family to be self-employed,” Vada Müller tells Currier. She started her business, Leaders in Heels, over a year ago. Before that, independence was not a problem at all. It was only through working at a startup that she became curious: “I realized I could do more skills Special however Being an employee “I'm not happy.”

The next logical step was to learn more and talk to people who were immersed in the unknown. “An acquaintance asked me what I was afraid of He is afraid “I did,” she recalls. This gave her the incentive to “slowly slide into freelancing,” she says: “It probably took me six months before I had the courage to quit and be on my own.” Full time “Taking Care of My Business” The real challenge came first: the bureaucratic side of setting up a company. “It's hard to navigate,” she admits. What's most important, she said, is building a good network and asking for help Founder.

Insightful workaholics

Although founders are often described as visionary, risk-taking people with strong willpower, Vada Müller stresses that they need to persevere and persevere: “The lifestyle is not for everyone. Many people forget that freelancing is also Constant stress It means a lot of work. Leave “9 to 5”hamster wheel And replaces it with “24/7” functionality.

Looking back, Mueller does not regret her decision. Quite the opposite: “When you see an idea taking off and you get to meet interesting people, that's it pressure I almost forgot about it again.” The only thing she regrets is: “I didn't leave the work relationship more quickly. But this time I needed to be prepared.”

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Christian Bedak he successor With a strong startup orientation.” He “reorganized” the entire company which he took over from his father in 2007. Insurance broker It became a digital insurance company in 2015Lamy Insurance“With a license in Malta.

Bedak answered the question of whether he wanted to be his successor from the beginning with a clear “no.” Never wanting to, he studied law and prepared for a completely different career, “but my father charmingly convinced me.” Bedak later used his father's persuasion skills on his brother Roland: “I managed to convince him of it.” insurance “It's more exciting than the legal profession,” he laughs. The company now has 60 employees and 1 million customers.

How is this done? “Never deviate from your own principles and always listen to your customers,” says Bedak. And: “Preserved by it.” Financing offers evade. So be conservative in such a way that you don't have to give up.


Not having to apply is important to Pedak. It actually takes a pretty radical approach. If he doesn't like something in a particular situation, he throws it into the sea. In his opinion, this is where the boundaries between founder and founder overlap successor“Both require vision, courage and determination. When you run a company, you have to reinvent it every day.”

Concern that this Traditions Get lost, don't do it. “I never had to carry on with everything the same way.” His father understood that. “It gave me a successful boom He investigates “He was handed over to us and was always at our side with advice and support without interference.”

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