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There is no longer any need to purchase Minecraft Java & Bedrock (PC) separately

There is no longer any need to purchase Minecraft Java & Bedrock (PC) separately

Season Minecraft Java and Bedrock versions Finally finished! mojang Officially announced that they will not be sold separately.

What is the difference between minecraft java And the minecraft bedrock? Both versions offer PC gamers a slightly different experience: the Java version offers downloadable character skins and mods, while the Bedrock version features cross-platform support and cross-play. Both versions of the sandbox game have advantages. On the other hand, buying two copies of the same game can be a frustrating story.

While the gaming experience is the same in both versions, Bedrock lacks some features that are available in Java. Recently, the Bedrock version finally got an early implementation of the “scenes mode” in Minecraft, which is currently only available as a beta feature. However, at this early stage, Mojang will stop players from using it before it is officially recognized as part of Wild Updates 1.19.0 Update I have started. Minecraft Java players have known about this feature for a number of years, since 2014 specifically!

Minecraft: Only Java and Bedrock are sold together

For PC players who haven’t yet purchased Minecraft, Mojang is now selling both versions in one bundle. But there is a problem: players cannot run both the Java and Bedrock versions at the same time. If a player already owns either title, they don’t need to purchase the combined package. Instead, every owner will get the missing version for free starting June 7.

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What should I do to get the other version of Minecraft for free? nothing at all! The process will run automatically. However, it may take two to three days for everyone to receive the combined version. Bad for those who have already bought both versions for PC. You don’t read anything about “money back” in Mojang ad.

Minecraft Java Edition is still very popular among the mod community to this day. – (C) Mojang Studios, Microsoft

The Minecraft PC community is fragmented

One cannot help but welcome Mojang’s decision, after all, the PC community has been “fragmented” for the past few years. PC gamers can now enjoy both versions and only have to pay once.

The decision also boosts the Java version and the enthusiastic mod community as more Bedrock players will now be able to get the Java version for free.

How much does the new Minecraft PC bundle with Java and Bedrock version cost? Minecraft Java Edition costs €23.95 via How much the PC package for the two editions will cost is still uncertain. For now, you can still buy both versions of the PC on