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There should be clarity by the end of June

There should be clarity by the end of June

Of the 1,000 jobs worldwide that Styrian circuit board manufacturer AT&S will cut, between 200 and 250 will be at Styrian sites. About 1,700 people currently work at Leoben Hinterberg, the technology group's headquarters. There are 380 in Ferring. When asked, it was confirmed that how workforce reductions will be distributed across individual sites is the subject of an “evaluation phase” currently underway. This should be completed by the end of June.

Until then, a “general hiring moratorium” also applies, explains Gerald Reichle, communications director at AT&S, when asked. This also applies to the new R&D and associated substrate production center, which is scheduled to become operational at the beginning of 2025. About 320 new employees have already been recruited for this purpose. “Only after the evaluation phase will a decision be made on when to accept new employees again.”

“This leads to enormous cost pressures.”

In principle, the major investment in Leoben Hinterberg – a total of around half a billion euros has been invested in the expansion and new building – means that there is an additional need for skilled workers, especially for the production of piles.

As reported, AT&S has already reduced its workforce, including temporary employees, by about ten percent to 13,828 in the last fiscal year. According to CEO Andreas Gerstenmaier, the focus of dismantling has been in China – and to a lesser extent in Austria. However, as part of his balance sheet presentation on Tuesday, he said “adjustments in high-paying areas” must now be made. Gerstenmaier: “The last four years have brought us wage and salary increases of 32 percent in Austria. This leads to huge cost pressures.”

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