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There's a surprise in this €3 charger from AliExpress

There's a surprise in this €3 charger from AliExpress

On the Chinese trading platform AliExpress You can get one or two deals. But even there, if something seems too good to be true, alarm bells should ring. About one freighterwhich has charging capacity 65 watts Described, but only just 3 euros It should cost.

Youtube DiodeGoneWild I opened one and found something surprising. almost weights – Apparently to make it seem heavier and thus more valuable. The video also shows that operating such a device is not particularly safe.

North Korea's web operating system

with Red Star Linux The communist dictatorship in North Korea developed its own operating system. Visually it looks relatively similar to MacOS. YouTuber Eric Parker went online with him.

Not long ago, the same YouTuber also discovered what happens when you do this Windows 98 It is possible to connect to the Internet these days. Spoiler: Nothing good.

Best robot woozler

“Wozel…what?” Perhaps this is what all readers who do not come from Austria are asking now. The key word is Football schedule And this YouTuber has probably built his best bot.

Legendary little discs

Who can actually remember the legendary ones? Small tablets Remember? In fact, they had nothing but advantages, but they were never able to establish themselves, at least in Europe.

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