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These are the first permanent players on the women's teams

These are the first permanent players on the women's teams

Below are the names of SK Rapid Frauen and SK Rapid Frauen II players who are already registered at ÖFB – the list here is constantly updated, and there are already more than promising guest players, especially in the goalkeeper position!

SK Rapid Women (year and position in parentheses) in alphabetical order:

Victoria Bettendorfer (2005 / MF), Miriam Freeman (2001 / VE), Sophie Glass (2000 / ST), Sandrina Habt (1998 / MF), Lisa Hoyda (1992 / VE), Katharina Ekerna (1994 / ST), Lana Khalaf (2006/ST), Victoria Leitner-Garcia (2002/VE), Lisa Marek (2000/ST), Birgitte Mock (1992/VE), Teodora Nikolic (2005/MF), Lisa Rammel (1999/ST), Tatiana Tenes (2002/MF), Julia Tripp (1992/VE), Lili Velic (2006/ST), Karina Weninger (1991/VE), Natasha Worm (2002/MF)

SK Rapid Women II (year in parentheses) in alphabetical order:

Julia Aftika (2007), Sophie Bachhofner (2008), Lea Budzinta (2009), Laura Grosssteiner (2009), Sofia Honemann (2009), Magdalena Reinthaler (2008), Leni Schmidl (2010), Annika Seidel (2010), Mia Scala . (2009), Angelina Verneth (2008), Leonie Zoschling (2010)

In addition, the relevant teams of trainers and supervisors have now been identified:

SK Rapid for women
Head coach: Katia Gortler
Assistant coach: Birgitte Gumpenberger

SK Rapid Woman II
Head coach: Claudia farms
Assistant coach: Lewis Barrow to walk

Supervisor team:
Athletic Trainer: Stephanie Kremner
Goalkeeper coach: Florian black
Physiotherapist: Magdalena Meichdorfer
Sports psychologist: Anna cabbage
Training Coordinator: Harald Mosler
Pots Manager: Andreas GrechthammerPaolo Sukup

Sports direction: Willie sinner
Deputy Sports Director: Matthias Costa
Sports Management: Hubert Ragosnej

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