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These are the worst passwords in Austria

These are the worst passwords in Austria

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VPN service and password manager Northern security I’ve collected the world’s worst passwords. In addition to the groups, the list also shows the time at which they can be hacked.

“It fell suddenly.”1234“Only in ninth place, it is particularly popular.”Responsible“And – it is especially strange:”IsabellaThere also appears to be an above average number of “Lord of the Rings” fans among them.

Here are the top 10 apps and how long it takes to solve them, according to Nord:

  1. Responsible” (used 2495 times): less than a second
  2. Isabella(1,577): 3 hours
  3. 123456” (1,487): Less than a second
  4. Gerhard13(1,022): 19 hours
  5. isildur15« (954): One day
  6. Isildur15“(895): One day
  7. password“(745): Less than a second
  8. com. isildur(660): 17 minutes
  9. 1234(513): Less than a second
  10. 12345678(493): Less than a second

Anyone familiar with J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantasy world will…Isildur“I already recognized him as the king who defeated the evil Sauron and took the One Ring from him. Perhaps the new series on Aamzon caused his name to be used as a password.

“1234” and “admin” are very popular all over the world

in Germany You can find more number combinations,com. zwieback“,”yxcvbnm” And “Bad password“My world is.”123456“At number 1 (used 4.52 million times), followed by “Responsible(Used 4 million times.) For some web applications, “admin” is the default, but needs to be changed urgently.

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Every year, Nord Security presents the world’s most common passwords. These always include groups of numbers and letters next to each other. In fact, any password can be hacked using certain techniques. Therefore, true protection is only possible with one Two-factor authentication Grant. Big tech companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft also work with us Pass keys To create a new standard that replaces passwords entirely. Instead of a password, a PIN, fingerprint or face scanner is used.