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These five sentences would definitely not be said by people with high emotional intelligence!

These five sentences would definitely not be said by people with high emotional intelligence!

Empathy, sensitivity, and consideration are classic signs of emotional intelligence. We perceive high emotional intelligence primarily through the way someone speaks to us. Sensitive people will never say these five sentences.

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What is emotional intelligence?

Responding to others, dealing with emotions, being able to evaluate yourself and others – all of this is emotional intelligence. It describes our situation sensitive For ourselves and for others.

In contrast to IQ, which assesses intellectual performance only, emotional intelligence is concerned exclusively with it Emotions separate. This should not be underestimated: emotional intelligence has a direct impact on our relationships with others and with ourselves. Although the intensity varies, it can be trained.

Also interesting: here you can find out which three zodiac signs have the highest EQ. Do you want to learn emotional intelligence? Here we will show you how to train yourself to have a high emotional IQ.

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Through a Targeted training It is possible to sharpen your awareness of your feelings and other people. Not sure what your EQ is? There are many signs that indicate whether a person is more empathetic or not. Of course we realize sensitive How someone reacts in a given situation. But there are also some phrases that people with high emotional intelligence will never utter:

1. “This is no reason to be sad.”

A person with a high level of emotional intelligence can empathize with others very well Merciful. Even if something unexpected doesn't throw them off course, conscientious personalities realize that people… Feels different The same situation can provoke a strong negative reaction in others. Your presence Respect feelings others, even if they don't feel the same way. Sensitive personalities will never judge someone for their emotion.

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2. “That's not my problem.”

Well, have you heard this sentence before? Maybe at work? Then you can assume that this colleague does not really have strong emotional intelligence. Because people with high emotional intelligence usually offer their input as strangers when a problem arises supports in. They are too cooperating They feel positive when they can help others. A snarky phrase like “It's not my problem” will never pass their lips. By the way, people with high emotional intelligence have no difficulty getting around others To ask for help.

3. “You look really tired today.”

Oh, no one really wants to hear that sentence – because we're usually going through something when we look at it as “over.” Anyone with a high emotional IQ feels this and would never do something like this negative Leave a comment. After all, an insensitive statement will frustrate you even more. Emotionally intelligent people will be more likely to pull the other person aside and carefully ask if everything is okay or if they can help.

So that you can approach such moments with a different perspective in the future and break out of negative thought patterns, these tips will help you become more resilient and grow mentally.

4. “As I said…”

Everyone has forgotten something or simply doesn't fully understand what was just said, right? Anyone who repeats themselves and adds “as I just said” or “as I already said” sounds a little spontaneous Insulted It gives the person the opposite feeling Not fast enough He is. Emotionally intelligent people refrain from making this comment and try harder next time to make their message clearer to others.

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5. “I don’t like to talk about my feelings.”

It's important to be able to talk about feelings, especially in relationships, but also in friendships. People with high emotional intelligence actually find this easier. They take their own emotional world, But also to them Needs are better perceived, and they can express their feelings reflects And explain it to others well. This force simplifies communication Tremendous in personal relationships.