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These three signs tell you that your partner wants to manipulate you

These three signs tell you that your partner wants to manipulate you

How do you know he wants to manipulate you?

1. Pay attention to the flow of the conversation

Is the conversation with the partner what you mean by it or is it always like an interview? Then he tries to get information about you or the situation. This can be honest about your strengths and weaknesses or those of someone else involved. So it’s all about the content of the conversation. In time, he will use this information against you and for his purposes.

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2. Is he telling the truth?

Manipulative people are masterful liars—they don’t tell things truthfully in order to provoke a reaction or prompt action. So the partner is using you! While you go out and stand for him, he sits back and sees what happens. You are then the one who must explain yourself to others.

3. Does he give exaggerated compliments?

Everyone knows it from the job: “But you look good again today!” One could directly answer: “What do you want from me?” The idea is clear – you have been told something nice to do something for that person or for their help. Some are clumsy, others are more skilled, and it’s not all bad.

It works the same way in private: Your partner is especially polite because he wants something from you that you don’t actually want. With kind words, he tries to smear your beard with honey and harness you to achieve his purposes.

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