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These three types of tea can prevent

These three types of tea can prevent

These three types of tea can prevent fatty liver

1. Dandelion tea

Dandelion tea contains several phytochemicals such as the bitter substances taraxene and quinoline, as well as flavonoids and tannins. These ingredients stimulate bile production in the liver and thus supports Fat metabolism. It also promotes elimination toxins in the urine, which also promotes liver detoxification. A study from 2017 provides further evidence that the polysaccharides found in chicory can also support liver function during detoxification.

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2. Yarrow tea

Yarrow tea is another tea that promotes liver regeneration. Yarrow is a popular medicinal herb in alternative medicine and has a variety of positive effects on the body. The tea has an antispasmodic effect and is traditionally recommended for digestive complaints and menstrual problems. In addition, there are positive effects on liver and gallbladder problems. Studies have scientifically proven that the flavonoids it contains and other phytochemicals actually do Anti-inflammatory properties king.

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3. Artichoke tea

Artichoke is not only a popular vegetable, but it also has positive effects on the liver. However, so that you do not have to eat artichokes with every meal, there is artichoke tea as an alternative. this Stimulates bile acid production in the liver and thus promotes Fat metabolism. This not only improves the digestion of foods high in fat, but also prevents the accumulation of fat in the liver. Efficacy was demonstrated in a 2018 study. In this study, artichoke extract was taken for eight weeks. After the end of the testing period, about 80 percent of the study participants showed a significant improvement in their liver values.

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