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These were the most common car brands at crime scenes

These were the most common car brands at crime scenes

The popular crime TV series “Tatort” has existed since 1970 and is now a co-production of ARD, ORF and SRF, with detectives working in different cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Sometimes the wheels also come into play – many still remember Commissioner Horst Szymanski’s Citroen CX (played by Goetz Georg). By the way, the original movie car was bought by the city of Duisburg a year ago.

car rental platform He has now analyzed exactly which car brands have frequently appeared at crime scenes over 50 years ago or have been specially regulated. The most watched cars are Mercedes (with the advent of 1828), followed by Volkswagen, BMW, Opel and Ford.As far as the countries of origin of the brands are concerned, Germany is far ahead (ahead of France, Japan, Italy and Ford). United States of America).

In this study, compared over 9,600 vehicles from the online IMCDB database seen in the Tatort crime series from 1970 to 2020. also analyzed the significance of appearances – with the help of a scale ranging from 1 (can Seeing the car in the background) to 5 (the car is part of the movie).

This shows that Porsche is on top, ahead of Citroen (also thanks to Shimansky), BMW, Volvo and Audi. Mercedes follows in sixth place in this ranking.

In all, counted more than 9,600 vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.) from about 30 different countries.

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By the way, the most popular car brand in movie history is Ford, as analyzed by carwow (end to end: Legendary movie cars) a statement. Analysis shows that Ford is the most representative car brand in movie history with 10,363 films appearing. The car model that often appears in movies is the Ford Crown Victoria. A copy of the Ford Crown Victoria (CVPI) was the most used car model in Hollywood by US police between 1997 and 2013.

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Behind them Chevrolet, Mercedes, Fiat and Volkswagen.