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Third warmest January: Very warm, cloudy and dry – January review

Third warmest January: Very warm, cloudy and dry – January review

With 4.8 degrees above the long-term average January 2023 went by the name of Third warmest January A month has passed since 1947 (the start of measurements). The daily maximum (15.5 degrees on January 1st) and minimum (-4.2 degrees on January 20th) temperatures were not as warm as in January.
the sun also appeared in January Never less than 2023. There was only 10.5 hours of sunshine (more than 200 watts/m²/hour). although January was 59% less cloudy than normal.

January 2023 weather review

Average temperature: 2.7°C (4.8°C very warm)
Maximum temperature: 15.5°C (first of the month)
Minimum temperature: -4.2°C (20th of the month)

Precipitation: 22.2 mm (very little at 32.4 mm = 41% of the 60-year average)
Rainfall maximum / 24 hours: 3.4 mm (11th of the month)

Frost days (minimum temperature below 0°C): 14
Snow days (maximum temperature below 0°C): 3
Foggy days: 5

Total amount of snow fallen: 22 cm
Maximum snow depth: 10 cm (28th of the month)

Sunshine hours: The sun shone for 10.5 hours in January 2023! That’s 57.5 hours, which is very little. So the percentage is 15% of the average 60 year old!

Report: (c) Strudengau Weather
Data: (c) Strudengau weather (Pabneukirchen weather station)

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