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This is how Buwog is turning to digital technologies » Leadersnet

This is how Buwog is turning to digital technologies » Leadersnet

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| 03/08/2022

Innovation platform, transparent customer communication and lockers for major brands.

As the largest full-service private provider, Buwog is aware of its responsibility and that is why it wants to constantly promote digital transformation in the residential real estate sector. The group continues its digitization actions this year and plans the next steps in the field of inventory management as well as the development area.

“We see ourselves as drivers of innovation and take every opportunity to improve operations and make communication with clients more digital and transparent,” says Kevin Töpfer, Buwog’s general manager in charge of real estate management. The company’s measures planned and already implemented for this fiscal year include, for example: digital key management, the launch of a new and improved application for customers and an internal innovation platform.

Digital key management

Digital key management has already been implemented for the Buwog site in Vienna in the summer. It is said that issuing and returning keys will be entirely digital and will work. All necessary operations can also be handled via the Wowflow Web and Smartphone App. In this way, mechanical management of switches in several locations should be possible quickly and easily in the future.

Switch cabinets, which are operated via electronic terminals, are used for further key storage. Each of these keys is marked with a key tag and QR code tag, which are used to uniquely identify the key in Wowflow.

Customer application from the end of the year

In addition to managing digital keys, the Buwog app will also be improved for customers. Thanks to the user-centric operating component, this ensures greater efficiency, better processing times for customer requests and a higher quality information structure. “As a new functionality, the news feed offers a comprehensive app experience and provides customers with valuable information about our activities in accordance with our Happy Living creed,” explains Toepfer. With the help of the improved server module and integrated status display of the respective request, the application will be guided in both the content and the needs of the target group.

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Leverage the potential of the workforce

So that the benefits of digitization can be properly utilized, it is being used in all areas of the company. “As a driver of innovation, Buwog also naturally places special importance on the ideas and knowledge of its employees. Innovations don’t just come from so-called experts – there is often great potential lurking in the workforce, which helps the company advance,” explains Topfer. For this reason, an innovation platform was recently launched to provide employees with the opportunity to participate in the development of Buwog further.