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This is the biggest camera in the world

This is the biggest camera in the world

© Jacqueline Ramseyer Orrell / SLAC . National Accelerator Laboratory

Research teams have been developing the world’s largest camera for 7 years. Work now directly at home, so that 3,200 mega pixel camera thus It will be complete.

The intended use of the so-called LSST camera (Space and Time Legacy Survey) is sky observation and mapping of the southern starry sky. The device is installed as part of Vera C. Rubin Obervatory in Chile.

64 cm diameter sensor

LSST camera sensor is choppy 189 individual sensors All of them have 16 megapixels together. The total sensor field diameter is 64 cm. In order to be able to view the images recorded with it in full resolution, 378 4K screen it is necessary.

With the sensor array already done First shots make and publish. In the meantime, massive optics are also placed in the sensor field. The lens The camera has one 1.6m in diameterwhich is already in itself It is a world record.

Very sensitive to light

LSST images are also supposed to be up to date Undiscovered things appear in the Milky Way. The camera must be very sensitive to light so that you can candle burning still in thousands of kilometers away can identify. commissioning is 2024 Scheme.