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This is the volume of the new iOS update

Apple will soon release iOS 14.5 – this comes with many new features. Among other things, unlocking with Apple Watch. […]

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the new iOS – version 14.5 is expected. But then another beta … and another one. Beta 7 was last released on April 7th. Now the release should be imminent. And after several betas, there are a lot of new features. We list:

Apple Watch to unlock – even with the mask

Apple Watch – if any – will serve as a security code. With the help of the new feature, the iPhone can be unlocked thanks to the smartwatch, as was the case with the Macbook. This has the advantage that despite the mask being worn (currently everywhere), it is no longer necessary to enter the PIN. After identifying the unsuccessful Face ID, the watch only needs to be lifted and the phone unlocked. In the face menu Identity code The corresponding option can be activated.

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Standard music service

Standard music streaming service can be set individually. If Siri is now asked to play music, all music services will be listed and you can choose one – restrict to an Apple– Special services are no longer available

Four Siri voice options

Users are now offered four possible voice options for Siri during setup – both male and female voices. These can be selected and changed. However, this option is currently reserved for the English language.


There are new or updated emojis. It will be around 200 new emoji (see a tool). There are also updates to existing emoji. For example, the previous headphone emoji will be replaced by one for AirPods Max.

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Protect application data

an Apple It has already announced that it wants to tighten data protection. In the future, apps will have to request permission to track data and activity – this is mandatory. Approval or rejection can also be changed separately for each application – and then.

Two 5G chips for iPhone 12

Dual SIM feature will be available for iPhone 12 (all models). The physical SIM slot as well as the eSIM can be used for 5G SIM cards. Until now, this was only the case in a few parts of the world.

(C) MacRumors

Battery issues with iPhone 11

Known battery issues especially with iPhone 11 should be a thing of the past. Inaccurate estimates and battery health reports should be correctable with the recalibration feature. If that fails – the problem is with the battery, not the software, it will have a free replacement.


Latest generation console consoles must be supported, i.e. those for XBox Series S / X and those for Playstation 5. In addition, long, horizontal dial an Apple-Logo show.

Last but not least, it looks like the functionality and security updates will likely be imported separately from now on and they also have separate menus.