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This is what 2024 will bring – Krems Region: Highlights of the New Year

This is what 2024 will bring – Krems Region: Highlights of the New Year

And now it's the new year. Therefore, residents of the Krems region can expect a variety of exciting changes and events. The next twelve months will not only promise a new chapter in local development, but will also highlight areas of culture, business and society.

The new Mautern Danube Bridge is coming

After some postponements, the time has come in 2024: the renovation of the Mautern-Danube Bridge will begin. To do this, a replacement bridge will first be built about 25 meters upstream. Renovation work on the actual historic river crossing from 1895 will begin later this year.

The poor condition of the Danube Bridge between Stein and Motern makes a general renovation inevitable. A completely new bridge cannot be built for reasons of protecting the monument. So the newly renovated bridge will look exactly like the previous one. Only pedestrian and bicycle paths will be widened on both sides, and the entire bridge will be raised by 40 cm to take into account shipping requirements.

Construction work on the new Mautern Danube Bridge will begin in 2024.

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James Blunt appears before Steiner Tour

From England to Europe, America and even Japan, British singer-songwriter James Blunt has been creating one chart hit after another for nearly two decades, with titles like “You're Beautiful,” “Goodbye Baby,” “1973,” and “Bonfire Heart.” “OK” and many other musical histories. In 2024 he will perform at Südtiroler Platz in front of Steiner Tor! More precisely, on May 31 – in the other three days of the festival in Steinerthur, during which the beloved British singer will perform, you can experience other stars such as Melissa Näschenwing, Alvaro Soler and Austrian cabaret artist Jiri Seidl.

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For pet owners: Stein's Pet Cemetery

From January, the city of Krems will operate an animal cemetery. For some time now, parts of the population have wanted to give the animals a dignified send-off. Krems Funeral Service and Cemetery Management have adapted a designated and previously unused area of ​​Steiner Cemetery in order to offer it as a final resting place for pets (dogs, cats, rabbits and also many small animals and birds that can be purchased from pet stores).

More information about the new Pet Cemetery can be found at: