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This is what the all-electric Volta Zero in series looks like

This is what the all-electric Volta Zero in series looks like

Swedish Volta Trucks Starts Operations I did in mid-July last year Introduced the first fully electric truck. Since then, the company has collected its first customers It continues to expand its cyber attack. At the beginning of November 2021, the ready-made design of the Volta Zero series will be presented. It has not changed significantly, but there are differences in the details.

The startup has designed the world’s first all-electric 16-ton commercial vehicle specifically developed for the movement of goods within the city. The design was based on the help and input of Astheimer Design in Warwick, Great Britain. When introducing the e-vehicle, Volta Trucks notes a close visual relationship with the original concept vehicle. Of particular note is the completely new type of cab and the high-quality ergonomics of the driver with a low central seating position improve visibility and safety. From the first draft It was kept until the start of production.

In the process, all body panels were redesigned and updated for the final design. The most obvious, even if minimal, visual changes include the elimination of the horizontal headlight bar and the replacement of the previous diagonal connection between the driver’s cab and cargo area with a vertical line in order to improve the vehicle’s design efficiency. Inside, only the colors and the palette of materials have changed.

“In close collaboration with the Astheimer design team and our engineers, we have designed a modern, progressive and elegant vehicle – exactly how an electric vehicle designed from the ground up should be. The serial-ready Volta Zero represents a paradigm shift. In terms of safety and sustainability commercial vehicles. – Ian Collins, Head of Product Division, von Volta Trucks

The Swedes also reveal that production of the first 25 prototype vehicles to verify the design will begin soon. From the beginning of 2022, these prototypes will undergo a comprehensive and rigorous testing program. This is done first by engineers at Volta Trucks and then by customers to ensure that the cars of the first series, which are due to go into production at the end of next year, are of the highest quality possible.

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In total, the company aims to have more than 27,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2025. Meanwhile, the company has confirmed They are testing the manufacture of Volta Zero in Spain. They deviated from that and produced Volta Zero in Steyr, Austria. That’s why he has a collaboration with Steyr Automotive, formerly MAN Truck and Bus Austria.

Source: Volta Trucks – Press Release