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This star is the most beautiful woman in the world

This star is the most beautiful woman in the world

This star has the most beautiful face in the world

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The science of the golden ratio of beauty spoke: she is currently the most beautiful famous woman in the world.

Jodi Comer (29) is currently the most beautiful woman in the world – science says. According to “The Golden Meaning of Beauty,” the “Killing Eve” star has a score of 94.52% on the Beauty Scale. For calculations, the technology of which dates back to antiquity, individual facial features are evaluated according to symmetry and harmony.

So the comers’ lips were close to perfect by 97 percent, and her nose was 98.7 percent better. Her chin is also an impressive 95.3 percent on the perfection scale. Her face shape scored 94.9 percent, her forehead 89.5 percent, eyebrows 89 percent, and eyes 96.6 percent.

The accounts were published by British plastic surgeon Dr. Julian de Silva on Instagram. Mentioned by the top ten also the sun. Accordingly, there is also Ariana Grande (29), Kim Kardashian (41), “Squid Game” actress HoYeon Jung (28), Taylor Swift (32), Jordan Dunn (32) and Deepika Padukone (36).

According to the calculations, the most beautiful famous man in the world is Robert Pattinson (36) since last year, who achieved a “score” of 92.15 percent. Second place went to “The Witcher” star Henry Cavill (39), third place Bradley Cooper (47) and fourth place Brad Pitt (58).

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