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This was probably the last shutdown

This was probably the last shutdown

“From the current point of view, this was the last shutdown,” says simulation expert Nikki Popper.

Vienna. From today’s perspective, the shutdown should have been the final one, says simulation expert Nikki Popper at ORF “Bay Budgen”. The reason for this is that “so many things are speaking on our behalf and very little against us”. What he is talking to us at the moment is that “we have been vaccinated, that there is basic immunization, and we are still having health measures in place, and we are examining them.

In March one could have done a little more, so Popper was a critic. “Then we might be a little lower with the numbers and we might have opened earlier,” says the simulation expert. But it basically looks good.

Upcoming editorials do not pose much of a risk

The expert does not see any major danger in the upcoming hatches. Popper: “We have to get to a reality now where we can deal with the epidemic and where we can regain our lives. Something will happen again. But for the time being the temperature and seasonality are helping, but we have to look at it – it.”

Popper recommends not to stop measuring. For example, it is important to continue screening students because adolescents under the age of 16 are not vaccinated.

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