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This week's new FM4 releases

This week's new FM4 releases

Who should hit the top spot in the FM4 charts next week? This week's picks are: Trettmann, Glass Animals, Lorde, and Empire of the Sun.

Written by Gerald Hollier

Treatman – “Prototype”

Triti finally ended a toxic eight-year relationship. And no, I'm not talking about his girlfriend, but about the Berlin producer group Kitschkrieg. This gave him a sound tailored to his needs, somewhere between dancehall, 2step, and dubstep. After three Dark Gray albums, it's time for Stefan Richter aka Trietmann to evolve further musically, to distance himself from sexists like 187 Street Gang, and to allow more color into his songs. To do this, he collaborated with five German producers from different hip-hop subgenres and recorded an EP called “Your Love is King”. In order not to completely offend his fans, he chose “Prototype” as his debut single. A song that captures the important Kitschkrieg sound, but is still fresh and different. What initially sounds like smooth, classic German pop gets some rough edges in the chorus thanks to the dynamic synth surface. The “prototype” is a farmer. After a second skeptical listen, at least 50 more follow.

Glass Animals – “Creatures in the Sky”

Glass Animals' new song, 'Creatures in Heaven', also sounds like hardcore pop on first listen, giving the average FM4 40 listener more than enough material to comment on our Facebook page. But please take a moment, listen to “Creatures in Heaven” again and try to give British indie artists a chance. Because, from a purely objective perspective, the song is actually a very good piece of music that walks the fine line between lightness and melancholy. Did you succeed? Do you like the song now? no? Well, too bad. It still gets into the charts. Why? Because we need more traffic on Facebook again – hehe 😉

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Lourdes – “Take Me to the River”

Paramore gave a strong performance with “Burning down the house” two months ago. Lorde is now following up with her new interpretation of the Talking Heads classic “Take Me to the River.” The song is part of a Talking Heads tribute album, to which Miley Cyrus, The Linda Lindas, Toro Y Moi and many more will contribute vocals. It's no surprise that Australian pop star Lorde is involved in the project. After all, the Talking Heads' music had a huge influence on their creativity and the sound of their music.

Empire of the Sun – “Changes”

They're slowly crawling out of their holes: the indie heroes of the 2000s. After Yes Yes Yes, MGMT and Vampire Weekend, Australian electro band Empire of the Sun has returned after an eight-year break. Although the new song is called “Changes,” not much has changed musically between the two. But that doesn't matter, because after all, we love the duo for their sweet, cheesy, cotton-candy-infused electro-pop sound.