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Thousands gathered for a full banquet

Australia has the lowest infection rate. Since the outbreak, 29,000 people have been infected and 900 deaths have been reported Global metrics. The country has a population of nearly 25 million.

Due to the low infection rate, we were able to hold the annual Mardi Gras Festival, which can be compared to the Pride Parade.

The banquet was attended by 36,000 people at the Sydney Cricket Ground BBC.

At the stadium: The cricket ground in Sydney may have gathered 36,000 people. Photo: David Gray / AFP / NDP
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The march was attended by 5,000 people, with the theme “Rise” – “Rise”, in connection with the difficult year that has passed.

Artist Rita Ora performed a concert, and the event aired on television.

Crowds of thousands of people are now unimaginable in most parts of the world. In the state of New South Wales, where Sydney is located, 48 days have passed since the local epidemic broke out.

Nevertheless, there are strict restrictions here as well.

Usually, 200,000 people gather on the streets to celebrate, which has now been removed. Therefore, a select few, 36,000 people, were instead allowed to attend the event on the field.

On the streets: Many gathered in the streets of Sydney and shouted about LGBT rights.  Photo: David Gray / AFP / NDP
On the streets: Many people gathered in the streets of Sydney shouting loudly about LGBTQ rights. Photo: David Gray / AFP / NDP
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At private celebrations, one person cannot be more than 50 people.

“We are in a unique position in Australia to be able to host a party like this during epidemics around the world,” Police Chief Jelena Dolbot said in a statement, praising the Sydney Kay and lesbian martyr cross group for organizing a safe event.