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Thousands of fake reservations: the Japanese sabotaged a tourist train out of anger

The popular seat on the observation deck is reserved for the next nine months, a 48-year-old man has booked the seat 9,300 times in retaliation. It is now under investigation.

An upset Japanese sabotaged a luxury cruise train popular with tourists with thousands of fake reservations. As Japanese media reported on Wednesday, the unemployed 48-year-old has booked the so-called Romancecar, which connects Tokyo with popular destinations like Hakone on the sacred Mount Fuji, about 9,300 times online in nine months with no intention of buying. . He. She.

Passengers must book a Limited Express Romantic Car prior to departure, with a viewing deck at the front or rear of the train which is particularly desirable. A guest there once bothered him, but the staff didn’t do anything about it, the guy mentioned why he was sabotaged. He considers himself among the many fans of trains in Japan and loves the “romantic car”.

Since the reservation system automatically cancels the seat reservation if the ticket is not paid 15 minutes before departure, Odakyu Electric Railway has always been able to sell the seat to someone else at the last minute. The man made all the online reservations on his smartphone in his name. The police are now investigating him for fraudulently obstructing business activities.


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