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THQ Nordic: Signs of Life to Gothic Remake, Jagged Alliance 3, and more

THQ Nordic: Signs of Life to Gothic Remake, Jagged Alliance 3, and more

THQ Nordic didn’t publish its in-house demo, introducing a massive 14 games, including four new announcements and one big surprise.

In preparation for Gamescom in Cologne, THQ Nordic provided an insight into the upcoming squad as part of a show this weekend. That was also a good thing, because he’s alone though Remake of the classic Alone in the Dark The publisher had a big surprise up his sleeve.

In addition to this title, there were three more new announcements. Danish studio Slipgate Ironworks has introduced a new real-time strategy game with Tempest Rising. Tempest Rising offers classic real-time strategy including comprehensive base building in a modern scenario based on an alternate history. Three unique factions battle for a rare resource called Tempest, you can look forward to captivating campaigns as well as challenging multiplayer matches.

>> To Trailer Rising Storm

Space for sale sends you into space. Several light years from Earth, your task is to create beautiful living areas to distinguish foreign customers and always sell them at the highest profit possible. Space for Sale is an exploration/survival sandbox game developed by Mirage Game Studios from Sweden, known as Little Big Workshop.

>> to space trailer for sale

On the other hand, Wreckreation is aimed at racing game lovers who have a building instinct. Three Fields Entertainment, better known for the Burnout or Need for Speed ​​series, has combined these two elements into its new game Wreckreation. With the so-called live mix, you can build or modify the race track while driving on it.

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>> To Wreckreation Trailer

With a whole series of new game trailers already announced, there were a couple of trailers in particular that should spark interest. First, there’s a new trailer for a remake of the Gothic role-playing game, which is currently being developed by Alikima Interactive for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The trailer takes you to the well-known site of the ancient mine:

Gothic – New RPG Remake Trailer

The remake of the most popular German role-playing game of all time is currently being developed by developer Alikima Interactive for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. The new trailer takes you on a journey into the depths of an ancient mine.

Furthermore, there is finally a sign of life for the tactical game Jagged Alliance 3, which is currently in development by Haemimont Games and aims to bring the venerable series back to a new splendor:

Jagged Alliance 3 – New Tactical Game Trailer

Jagged Alliance 3 combines strategic campaign, intense turn-based tactical combat, and role-playing elements. Mercenaries want to train, find equipment, and train militias.