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Three arrests after a suspected terrorist attack in Paris «

Three arrests after a suspected terrorist attack in Paris «

Shot Kills – Attorney General’s Anti-Terrorism Investigation – Three Arrests – In short: Islamic terrorism is a threat to us all.

10:52 PM, April 23, 2021

After a fatal knife attack on a police station in Rambouillet near Paris, the anti-terror prosecutor took over the investigation. An attacker brutally killed a police worker near Paris with a knife on Friday. President Emmanuel Macron said after the bloody act: “We are not giving in to fighting Islamic terrorism.”

According to preliminary results, the man reportedly attacked the woman from behind at the Rambouillet police station and attacked her with a knife in the throat. She died at the scene of the accident. The attacker, a Tunisian, was killed, according to media reports, by police. Three people were arrested from the suspect’s environment And arrested. Investigators searched two apartments.

Police cordoned off a street near the police station Photo © AFP

This act brings back bad memories in France. Years ago, the country witnessed Islamic attacks that killed more than 250 people. In October, nearby, teacher Samuel Patty was brutally murdered by an Islamist – his head was cut off. This act caused great panic at the international level. A short time later, an attacker struck a church in Nice and killed three people there with a knife. There are also frequent brutal attacks on the police by Islamic extremists.

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The course of the act and the culprit’s statements are the reasons for the anti-terrorism investigators to take over, Anti-terrorism prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard said at the scene. The woman was killed “cowardly”. Ricard did not provide any details. According to the media, the woman’s throat was cut. The perpetrator is said to be a Tunisian man who was previously unknown to the authorities. It is said that he was approximately 36 years old.

Prime Minister Jean Castex immediately rushed to the crime scene. It was reminiscent of such brutal attacks in the Paris region Bloody attack on Teacher Patty. “I want to tell all the French people that our determination to fight terrorism in all its forms remains intact,” he said. He described the murdered woman as a “daily hero.”

Counterterrorism investigators are now investigating, among other things, a murder related to a terrorist project. Media reported that the woman was surprised when she entered the police station. It is said that the act took place in the entrance area, and a mother of two had just returned from the break. She was nearly 49 years old and had worked for the police station for years. Jerome Moissan, of the SGP unit, told Franceinfo that the woman killed was in the administration. Previously, the attacker was clearly in front of the goalkeeper.

BFM TV reported that the attacker was said to have seen a jihadist video on his phone prior to the crime. Meanwhile, Home Secretary Gerald Darmanen has instructed the country’s rulers to increase security around police stations. It aims to increase vigilance and security measures, especially at the entrance entrances.

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This reaction sparked violent reactions in France. Far-right politician Marine Le Pen commented on Twitter that the same terror always followed the other. It is always “the same Islamic motives.” It accused the government of being too lenient on security issues. Capital District Head Valerie Bicris spoke of the “barbarian” attack.

The National Police wrote of “immeasurable pain”. “Our colleague Stephanie M. was murdered by a cowardice at Rambouillet police station,” she said. The law also caused international concern. “I express Europe’s full solidarity in this tragedy with the French people and their security forces,” European Union Council President Charles Michel wrote on Twitter.

Attacks on the police

There are frequent assaults on the police in France. In the fall of 2019, for example, an employee of police headquarters in Paris killed four of his colleagues with a knife. Investigators assume a terrorist background. In 2017, a man killed an officer and wounded two others on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. The terrorist Islamic State (IS) claimed the crime for itself. In 2016, a police officer and his partner were stabbed by a man in Magnanville, west of Paris. The culprit had previously also committed with ISIS. The French central government wants to offer more protection to the country’s law enforcement officials through a new security law.