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Three people have been killed in severe weather-related car accidents in the United States

A few days after a devastating hurricane struck the United States, the storm wreaked havoc again. Unusually strong winds blew in some parts of the country. KSNT, a local broadcaster in the US state of Kansas, has reported that at least three people have been killed in car accidents allegedly caused by the storm. The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued.

SN / APA / AFP / Chandan Khanna

There was a lot of destruction

In some areas sandstorms occurred, highways were closed, houses were destroyed or damaged and wildfires started. The National Weather Service had earlier warned of strong winds in the region. “It’s not something we see very often. It’s very rare,” said meteorologist Brian Bargenbruch. Following the devastation in the United States, the storm system moved toward Canada on Thursday.

Over the weekend alone, a devastating hurricane killed dozens of people in the southeastern United States – the US state of Kentucky particularly badly affected. The United States has been hit by a number of natural disasters recently. There have already been numerous storms, floods and wildfires this year. US President Joe Biden sees this as a consequence of climate change.

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