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Thunberg calls for resistance in Luzerat

Thunberg calls for resistance in Luzerat

Climate activist Greta Thonberg called for the resistance of the village demolition by the RWE giant in the German village of Lützherath for brown coal in the north of the Rhine and Westphalia. “When governments and environmental companies destroy (…), people resist,” Al -Suwaidi said today.

APA / Henning Kaiser

Thonberg, which launched the “Friday for the Future” movement, said it is watching the situation in the town on the edge of the Ligge Open mine in the north of the Rhine – Westphalian for a long time. She confirmed that she would also take part in a demonstration to preserve Lützerath tomorrow. The police are currently clearing the village of climate activists who have occupied homes there. “Fight to survive,” Thunberg said. “Lutzi stay!” she chanted along with the demonstrators.

Energy giant RWE wants to demolish the village so it can drill for lignite below the village. Lützerath has been cleared by powerful police forces since Wednesday. The police are now having difficulties with the underground tunnel system. According to activists, there are currently two people in a tunnel under Lützerath.

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