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Thunderbird 125 released?  No, the websites spread fake news

Thunderbird 125 released? No, the websites spread fake news

Today, some websites reported an alleged release of Thunderbird 125. This is a false report. There is no official release for Thunderbird 125.

Some websites, in their mad scramble for clicks, have been tricked into writing about a supposed release of Thunderbird 125, even though there are no release notes or official announcement of such a release. This is probably because the corresponding version can be found in the Mozilla downloads archive – which has never been an official download source for end users. That's why there is no link here.

As reported last year, as with Firefox, Thunderbird will once again get monthly feature updates in the future. There are some things on the way for Team Thunderbird Infrastructure preparations Valid contract. The supposed creation of Thunderbird 125 is also related to this, however, the version is not intended for publication. When I asked, the Thunderbird team also assured me that there is no “Thunderbird 125” as an official release.

Anyone who downloaded the alleged Thunderbird 125 has already downloaded an incomplete, not fully tested, and unreleased beta version of Thunderbird, and it's not clear what will happen until the actual version of Thunderbird behaves on that release channel with security updates.

The next currently planned feature update is Thunderbird 128, which is not expected to be released before mid-July.

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