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Tik Tok star Emu Emmanuel has bird flu

Emu Emmanuel, who became a TikTok star for his erratic behavior, has fallen into poor health after contracting bird flu, according to his owner.

Owner Taylor Blake tweeted that his entire Knuckle Bump farm is currently battling bird flu. Many animals have already died. “The virus is hitting us hard and fast,” she wrote on Saturday. The farm is located in South Florida, USA.

Nerve damage in the leg

Over fifty of their birds, including three birders, died over the course of three days. Emmanuel fell ill on Wednesday. “Now he is stable. His nervous symptoms are gone but he still does not eat or drink on his own.” “He is a fighter.”

According to Blake, this bird has nerve damage in its right leg and right foot. Blake posted screenshots of the sling that she and her friend developed to help him restore her leg function.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, a highly pathogenic strain of avian influenza has been detected in wild birds in 32 Florida counties since January 2022.

summer internet star

Emu Emmanuel conquered TikTok this summer. Blake started posting videos on the social network documenting life on her small farm. Emanuel has repeatedly interrupted Blake’s videos with other animals to click on the camera, reaching millions of viewers.

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The videos were shared many times on Twitter and caused amusement. Knuckle Bump Farm currently follows 2.4 million people on TikTok. International media such as the Washington Post and CNN reported on the Economic and Monetary Union.