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TikTok in America: TikTok, China and a Kennedy

TikTok in America: TikTok, China and a Kennedy

A protest in front of the US Capitol against US politicians' plans to ban TikTok from the US if the app remains under Chinese ownership.
© [M] Photo: Craig Hudson/Reuters

352 votes for a bill in the House of Representatives. This is rare. 15 Republicans and 50 only Democrats Voted against. What do both sides agree on? They want to force TikTok to change ownership by law. The short video site is owned by Chinese tech company ByteDance. Congress members did not like that. It is anti-China and anti-Big Tech.

Why President of the United States? Joe Biden We discuss whether such legislation will be signed, what the criticism of the plan is, and what happens next on the American Podcast.

Also: Robert F. Kennedy is running as an independent candidate in the presidential election. Who is the male member of the family in question? America Are there many legends? And can he have a decisive influence on the election?

Also: A discussion of Donald Trump's “bloodbath” statement and how the former president is pushing it further in his misguided campaign.

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