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Today's announcement of free games – first game leaked

Today's announcement of free games – first game leaked

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In January 2024, there are 3 new free games waiting for PS Plus subscribers. This will be announced in a few hours today. What games can be included?

SAN MATEO – This Wednesday, Sony is announcing the free PS Plus games for January 2024. In the first month of the new year, there will be a total of 3 free games that you can download and keep permanently. But what games can be included? Fans' desires vary greatly from the imaginable to the completely unrealistic. We'll show you the free games of January 2024 that are particularly frequently mentioned.

PS Plus January 2024: Free Games Quick Look – First Game Leaked

Are there any leaks yet? Yes, at 1pm on Wednesday, December 27, 2023, a serious leak about PS Plus in January 2024 finally appeared. As is often the case, reliable source Billbil-kun (dealabs) tweeted it out. The game “No One Saves the World” is considered a candidate there:

It is a type of role-playing game in which you transform into ghosts, dragons and also unusual characters such as snails. Although Billbil-kun has often been right about leaks in the past, we'll have to wait until this afternoon for Sony to officially announce the PS+ games for January 2024.

PS+ predictions for January 2024 and fan desires

These games are very popular: Fans' wish lists for the New Year are long. We've rounded up 3 games that are often requested or look particularly realistic for PS+ in January 2024:

  • abandoned: The theory behind this is very simple. Forspoken was released in early 2023 and received only mixed reviews. Sony likes to put AAA titles with average reviews on PS Plus to give them another chance. Forspoken would be a conceivable option.
  • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunited: Another game in the series, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, will be released in February 2024. It makes sense that Sony would want to get fans excited for the release with its predecessor. The game was already a hot candidate in December.
  • Need for Speed ​​Unbound: PS Plus and Need for Speed ​​have worked together several times. This won't be the first Need for Speed ​​title to be included for free. The developers of the series also announced that they will focus more on multiplayer, but they still face major problems with this. PS Plus can be a good incentive for this.
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PS Plus January 2024: Announcement next week – 3 very popular games. © Sony | Unsplash

PS Plus January 2024: Wednesday announcement – ​​date and time

When will the free games come in January 2024: January's free games will be announced at the end of December. The announcement will be made on December 27 at 5:30 p.m. Here we will also keep you updated with the announcement on More about the announcement can be found here: PS Plus January 2024: Announcement – ​​Free PS4 and PS5 Games Release Date

The games are scheduled to debut the following week, on January 2nd. Until then, you can still download and keep PS Plus games for December 2023 for free.