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Top candidates vote in new elections in Canada

Top candidates vote in new elections in Canada

In Canada’s early elections, the top candidates cast their votes on Monday. “You just voted – and so should you,” current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote on Twitter and posted a photo of him with his three children at the ballot box. A few hours ago, conservative rival Erin O’Toole posted a photo on Twitter showing him voting with his wife.


Prime Minister Trudeau with his family outside a polling station in Montreal

More than 25 million Canadians were asked to cast their ballots on Monday. There has been a close race emerging across the country. Recent opinion polls have seen the liberals advance. However, an absolute majority would be difficult to achieve, and a majority for the Conservatives also seemed unlikely.

The first results are expected on Tuesday evening (Central European Summer Time). With more mail-order voters than usual due to the coronavirus pandemic, the time for meaningful results may be delayed. Trudeau has ruled the world’s second-largest country by area with nearly 38 million people since 2015 – and for two years he has led only a minority government. The 49-year-old had called an early vote a few weeks ago in hopes of securing an absolute majority, even though his minority government was stable.

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